Amazing Eel feeding in Taiwan – Eel catch and grilled eel

Saw another similar video, mix up eel food concoction throw it in and they go wild eating, Then when they are big enough, they get eaten, Carhop trays from amazon.

In Sha Allah Bayu, there will be a boarding house business 20 doors near the campus B Uin Jakabaring Palembang in a strategic place. If I may know, what do you feed the eels, boss? Warm rice with grilled eel is a delicious combination.Cultivation of plants as food for animals We still eat meat, but it is planted for cheaters and selfish people to eat But it will eat our meat.

I am from Malaysia. This reminds me of when I was young and used to catch eels in the Padi fields. Sometimes I used hooks, sometimes I drained away a small pool of water in the middle of the fields after Padi had been harvested. Among the eels, there were snake-headed fish and catfish. All were freshwater fish. All are grown naturally. We used to cook them with chilli and coconut milk. It’s very tasty and nutritious.

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